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Trading Solutions

If you are an institutional or wholesale ‘sophisticated’ client looking to trade shares and options, Morrison’s offers a highly tailored personal service coupled with a choice of trading platforms that allow you to;

  • Trade electronically using our Direct Market Access (DMA) service
  • Choose your exchange ‘destination’, including dark and lit markets
  • Choice of different trading platforms
  • Algorithmic trading solutions (VWAP, TWAP….)
  • Bookings and allocations through Omgeo and Iress ETC
  • Intraday leveraged exposure for Day Traders
  • Access to experienced Trading Desk to place phone orders, build multi-legged option trades and get access to market makers
  • Stock Lending solution to allow ‘short shorting’

Stock Lending

Go ‘short’ intra-day and
for extended periods

Order Management

Place orders on different exchanges,
including contingent orders


Low latency and straight
through trading

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Work with our experienced trading teamto create the offering you need.
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